About Lois LaFond

In 1984 Lois LaFond had two of the most gorgeous and best site to buy a research paper talented Children on the face of the earth, who were four and five years old.
She searched far and wide, but couldn’t find the kind of music she really liked made especially for Children (like smokin’ saxophones and percolatin’ percussion). So she decided to put out an album of her own with Reggae, Salsa, Blues, Ballads, Rock & Roll and African grooves.
Since she was in the adult music scene for a number of years in the Boulder-Denver area, she had worked with some of the greatest musicians to be found anywhere. And so, in 1985, she had her third baby: I AM WHO I AM! This recording put her on the map as one of the premier begin begun American artists making modern music for young Children. At the same time she gathered four of Colorado’s really rockin’ players and formed LOIS LaFOND & THE ROCKADILES — one of the first five-piece bands to hit the road for Kids.

Now this World Beat sound satisfied those two gorgeous and talented Children, who also composed many of the songs with Lois. Soon Lois found out that many other Children — as well as their parents — were thrilled with her recording. People said things like, “I really don’t mind that my Child plays this tape over and over and over and over. I really like it, too!” Reviews poured in from all over the country from newspapers and magazines, parents and teachers, and — most importantly — from Kids. I AM WHO I AM! became a signature tune which put Lois in the forefront of composing and producing songs of self-esteem and diversity — years before they were the buzzwords of today. Classrooms started using the music, as did Spinabifita and ARC Centers, McDonald Houses, Girl Scouts, and Very Special Arts Festivals around the country.